Racial Discrimination

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“I feel most colored when I am thrown against a sharp white background” – Citizen
For centuries, the world has witnessed the different peculiar forms of the racism in the form of prejudice and stereotyping. Millions of the people has been haunted by this issue of racial discrimination worldwide. This essay discusses the current issues of racial inequality on the basis of color, race, police brutality, etc. as well as portraying the real picture of the present United States of America, where the law has come to support and legitimize benefits that accrue to white people only, just because of their whiteness. Claudia Rankine in her book ‘Citizen – An American Lyric’ and African American legal scholar Cheryl Harris in her article ‘Whiteness as Property’ develops their arguments about the exploitation of the people of color. The black community is still under continuous threat of the racial profiling due to the white supremacy , their biased ideology as well as the ultimate power and property possessed by them due to their whiteness. Cheryl Harris provides an analytical framework of the fundamental tenets of critical race theory which leads to the social construction of whiteness in the United States; similarly Claudia Rankine explores the daily life situations between blacks and whites and reveals that how little offensive denigrating conversations in the form of micro-aggressions conveyed to the black people intentionally by the whites and how these racial comments fuels the

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