Racial Discrimination In Jesus Christ Superstar

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Jesus Christ Superstar painted a picture of Jesus that was similar and different from the painting of the gospel of Mark. For instance; in Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus is portrayed as a white man, he is aggressive, has different colored followers and is tempted sexually by Mary. Although in the gospel of Mark, there is no indication of Jesus being white or black, he is more aggressive, there are not any details of his followers being different colors, and Mary was never depicted as having a sexual relationship with Jesus. Why were these things important to the people of the perspective ages?
In Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus is portrayed as a white man. Is this because of the separation of blacks and whites in the sixties and seventies? It easily could be, the characters around him were not all white but he was indeed the almighty one as the white man. Now. this is not saying that the maker of this film, Norman Jewison, was racist by any means, but that he was indeed trying to make a point of the racial segregation of the time. Black people of the day were discriminated against and for people to take Jesus in the movie seriously he needed to be white so that there was not an outrage among the white people of the time. Comparatively, in the bible, there is no clear description of what Jesus looked like. Based on the region they were in we can historically say that Jesus was a darker man.
To expand on the ideas of the issue of color, in Jesus Christ Superstar, the followers of

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