Racial Diversity In Movies

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change. This is showing a failure in success for movie productions and TV shows because as time goes by so do people who have higher expectations for Hollywood. People begin to see that they are not showing enough diversity in movies or selecting Award winners that are from a different minority that makes it lose thousands of people from watching the show which is a failure money wise. To conclude, whitewashing has been another main problem in the Film industries as more movies come out with more diverse characters they are not always played by the type of minority the character is supposed to be.

Researchers have stated that if things were to change within the TV productions then maybe there could be a change financially. There are many statistics that show that many shows and movies do not seem to grow and researchers have stated that it could be because of the lack of diversity that many people may get bothered by. "However, the 25 movies with casts 21 to 30 percent Black/Latino/Asian had by far the highest median global box office, at $160.1 million.

The next highest median global box office came from films with 11 to 20 percent Blacks/Latinos/Asians, at $75.5 million. The 88 films with the least diverse casts had a median global box office of just $68.5 million"(Lin). This shows that if TV shows and movies were to change the racial diversity in their shows or movies that they could possibly have a high positive effect instead of continuing not to grow. The research

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