Racial, Ethnic, And Cultural History Essay

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I learn about the different racial, ethnic, and cultural history of people. We don 't stop and see what going on in the world. Like the right of women, who try to have equal rights as men in this world. Look at the newspaper to see what going on in the world and talk about the right of people and how they felt about it. We don 't understand how other person feel if say something racist comment. People think it is okay about everything in the world and it is fine. I don 't believe that this is fine and if is fine then we world keep fight some war in this world. I learn about women 's right, and it affect us all over the world.
The information that helps me understand is that we do live in the past and we don 't see what we do to help us understand. We don 't think about people feeling and how it affects the other people. I believe that we shouldn 't people other down if they look different than us. People believe that if we are one race than we wouldn 't be tease but I believe that it will be bad.
I reflect on 2050 and the immigration population about the growth. I think that the population will grow and immigration will be significant population than white people. The total will be increasing about 7 percent to 210 million, or 50.1 percent of the population, in the year 2050. The Asians and Hispanics will have the most dramatic rises between now and mid-century. One example will be that we will have people that will be working anywhere and will have more immigration that

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