Racial Gender Roles

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Gender Roles have always been specific through the years. It has always been a battle for racial and gender equality. Although racial and gender equality is still a battle, it is not as worse as it was back then. I have always wondered why gender roles were a thing. Why are women supposed to be stuck in the house and the men get to leave and interact with other people? I have always been an advocate for equality, no matter the situation. Men provided for their families and woman stayed home with the children. The men were not present in the home, the women took care of the children, cooked, and cleaned the house. The women were looked at as soft and not made to do the work of the men. Their main responsibility was to instill morals …show more content…

The women had to handle multiple things at once while making sure she was still in her right mind. Some of them did not know how to handle it because they did not have power over anything. When the women started working in the work force it was a big transition for them. It hit the lower class of women, being that their husbands could not afford slaves, the women had to go out and work in the factories. It was easier for women in the north to adjust but women in the South had to adjust to a lot. They had to take of the children, home, and make ends meet. Even though the men were far away from the women, they still communicated through letters. They were very assertive in the letters and made sure that the women knew that they were still in charge. The gender roles also impacted the children of the families. There was only one parent in the house, therefore the children had to take some of the work. They had to work in factories and take some of the pressure off the women. More weight was put on the sons because they were next of kin. I do feel as if gender roles have equaled out. There are still people today who feel that certain genders should do certain things, but it is a new century. The sources I used were helpful

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