What Does It Mean To Be A Student Of Color Essay

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What It Means To Be A Student of Color
The discourse regarding racial climate in schools across the nation has changed over time, from one of blatant acts of racism, as the Jim Crow Laws of legalized segregation, to what we consider today as covert racism; racism that is concealed within the fabric of society. The racial slights, stereotypes, and other types discrimination that People of Color experience are what are known today as racial microaggressions. Even though legalized segregation has long been overturned, there is still the idea of white privilege in all aspect of the academic arena. And, although there are many social movements and activism against this important issue in college and university level, it is important to consider that systemic racial biases do not only happen in the higher level of academia. Children and adolescents experience racial microaggressions too, and it happens just as often in the K-12 school environment where younger students of color, especially Black students usually have no power to express and or verbalize their feelings. The effect of racial microaggressions on Black students in the K-12 school environment can cause challenges in recognizing, understanding, and defending themselves against this modern form of racism. The schools must set better systems in helping Black students navigate this space and the education system as a whole must find ways to provide a racially unbiased learning environment. The unfavorable

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