Racial Profiling And Racism In The Construction Of Crime News By George Zimmerman

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In my opinion this whole case was based on racial Profiling and racism. Trayvon Martin was just an innocent teenager and just like other teens he wanted to get a snack from a convenient store. George Zimmerman had no right to do what he did. He personally attacked Trayvon Martin because of his race. He saw an African American teenager with his hoodie and headphones and automatically thought that the person looked suspicious. I believe if this was a white American individual George Zimmerman would have not followed the persona and then attacked. I also very ignorant on Zimmerman’s part that he got out of his vehicle when the police dispatchers told him to stay. That just shows you who how violent and racist of a person that George Zimmerman is. As a officer Zimmerman did show leadership and did not protect his citizens and instead he did the opposite Trayvon Martin did nothing to harm him and he just went after him. After this case occurred police brutality around African Americans increased and continue to this day.
In the Jewkes article “The Construction of Crime News” she gives an example of binary oppositions which are stories involving the crime and criminals, including terrorists, are frequently presented within a context that emphasizes good versus evil, folk heroes, and folk devils, black against white, guilty, or innocent, ‘normal’ as opposed to ‘deviant’ or dangerous and so on. I feel like example connects with the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman conflict.

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