Racial Profiling And The Criminal Justice Field On Ethical Issues Essay

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American policing has developed enormously in the last century concerning ethical values and the standard of conduct that is expected of police employees. In any case, moral issues still emerge, for example, corruption for profit, code of silence, racial profiling and social status. The purpose of this paper is to provide contemporary ethical issues relating to policing and criminal justice. This essay will showcase the perceptions of two practicing professionals in the criminal justice field on ethical issues that they face while working in law enforcement. Additionally, it will provide my opinion on both Detective John Watson of New York City Police Department and of Georgia State Troop County Sheriff Corporal Officer Basir Felder. The role of ethics is vital to an officer, who must react rapidly to criminal activity, make life and death choices and obtain legitimate evidence. For instance, without the legitimate and ethical administration of Miranda Rights, notifying an offender of his entitlement to an attorney and telling him that anything he says can be utilized against him; wouldn’t exist. ("Miranda Rights", 2016) Detective Watson has been employed with the New York Police Department for 10 years, he plans to apply for the FBI next year. Detective Watson believes that your ethics and character are an immediate reflection upon the way you apply or handle yourself in various circumstances; whether it’s a summons, arrest, or interaction with civilians. Addtitonally, he

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