Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling
Racial profiling is a serious issue of social importance in the United States. It is the rights of people that have a comfortable life, and enjoy their freedoms. In a large country, the people are living together, working together, and helping each other . Doesn't matter that which skin are they, or which religion are they. The most important thing is Humanity. Racial profiling is a big barrier for the countries that they are in the way of advancement. It is a big deal that superpower countries want to stop it, and it is big problem for them. Sometimes the America people also face racial profiling. I believe there is racism still happening to black people and Muslim people. Racial profiling is an unfavorable thing, and it can be a huge problem lead to a scuffle and law enforcement should work to stop racism forever in the whole world.
Some level of racial profiling has probably always existed in the United States. The article “What is racial profiling?”, found on the WiseGEEk website, speaks to the audience of speaks to the audience of a general public of information searcher and educate by providing several articles on many topics, and beneficial ideas. They say that people get research or suspected of being criminal because of their race and religion. And when the inspectors try to catch a person who is dubious of a crime, first of all, they try to know that this person is belong to which race and religion. According to wiseGEEK website, the

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