Racial Profiling of Minorities in America

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The Racial Profiling of Minorities in America

Ethnic Studies 123 Professor Hebert Johnson
John Jay College of Crimnal Justice
By: Andy Victor
Our country was founded on this idea of freedom and how America was this land of opportunity. Time and history tells us it was easier said than done because racism restricted certain groups from achieving that “opportunity”. This social issue still haunts today but manifest not whips and chains but through racial profiling. Racial profiling is unjust, and a poison to the ideas of Democracy because it generalizes a specific group as being criminal and therefore makes the rest society inherit the same perception. In our society today, we have both
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Hispanics were 1.48 times more likely to be stopped. After the traffic stop, non-Whites were more likely to be arrested, yet police in West Virginia obtained a significantly higher contraband hit rate for White drivers than minorities.” In Illinois statistics of the 2003 traffic stops uncovered similar patterns of racial profiling by law enforcement authorities. According to “The number of consent searches after traffic stops of African-American and Hispanic motorists were more than double that of Whites. The consent searches found White motorists were twice as likely to have contraband.” Another study exposed the Texas police department for practicing racial profiling. writes “A 2005 study analyzing data gathered statewide in Texas reveals disproportionate traffic stops and searches of African Americans and Hispanics, even though law enforcement authorities were more likely to find contraband on Whites.” So not only can we argue that this is socially unjust but also unconstitutional. In many cases the racial profiling victims have not even committed a crime but yet they are constantly being treated as suspects.

Race should never be the basis of why a person is stopped, interrogated, and searched but unfortunately it is. According to the American Civil Liberties Union “On April 23, 2010, Arizona governor Jan
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