Racial Segregation And Jim Crow Essay

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Throughout years in the United States, Southern states have enforced various attempts of segregation at the state and local levels. One of the first regulations Southern states legally passed was Jim Crow Laws. Legalized in the early 1880s to the mid 1960s, Jim Crow Laws approved the segregation between blacks and whites. “Racism, which grew and changed in response to both domestic and international conditions and debates, existed across the entire country, but beyond the basic harshness and limitations that white supremacy place on
African American life. Racism and Jim Crow were always backed by the threat of violence, moreover, the southern race relations” (Holloway, “Jim Crow Wisdom: Memory and Identity in Black America since 1940”). The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man takes place during the Jim Crow era displaying the challenges and obstacles African Americans faced during this time. “Johnson devotes much of his attention to the black middle and upper classes, their constant struggles to hang onto their respective social standing, and their almost obsessive need to perform rituals of proper behavior and decorum” (Holloway, “Jim Crow Wisdom: Memory and Identity in Black America since 1940”). African Americans during this era worked for white members of society. Jobs in the South consisted of working as plantation servants, nannies, factory workers or musical entertainers. Southern states in the United States agree with discriminatory views on segregation because of
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