Racial Symbolism

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As the United States gained momentum, the young nation acquired a much obsessive notion to change the world for the better. In attempting to do so, the United States colonized, destroyed, and stole from foreign nations in the process. Through exclusion in the public sector, the American government implemented the assimilation of immigrants and colonized peoples in a racialized manner, which provoked American society to heighten xenophobic and racist notions. In this historical analysis, I will explain how assimilation during the 1800s was an erroneous practice because immigrants were forced to believe notions that were systematically implemented to inferiorize them, by first discussing how racial exclusion social practices of the 19th century were implemented via labeling and symbolism in the political cartoon by Louis Dalrymple “School Begins;” followed by an analysis of how society took racial exclusion and created a xenophobic environment as depicted by the political cartoon, “The Great Fear of the Period” through exaggeration and symbolism.
The 1800s gave birth to a new America, one which gained the courage to conquer and civilize other nations. In the chapter “West and East” from Common Ground: Reimagining American History, Gary Okihiro analyzes the outcomes that manifest destiny unraveled in society. According to Okihiro, “race, ethnic, gender, class, and ideological diversities had to be subsumed beneath the banner of empire,” indicating that the United States

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