Racism And Prejudice By Claudia Rankine

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Citizen (2014), by Claudia Rankine, is a book that explores racism and prejudice that is happening in the United States. Rankine incorporates personal encounters, reactions, reflections, writing and art pieces, historical events, and the media to prove the point that racism is still very prominent to this day. For a majority of the book, Rankine writes short pieces about her personal encounters that deals with some form of racism, whether it happened to her or if she witnessed racism happening to other people. Within those short pieces, Rankine refers to herself as “you,” because she wants her readers to see what racism looks like in her shoes, even if the readers have not personally been affected by racism. Throughout the book, Rankine includes several symbols that are important to her that shows the audience that those symbols may be small, but they have a huge impact on how people perceive them. Some of the symbols that Claudia Rankine uses throughout Citizen is the color line, complexion of skin tone, and angry. What are the significance of each?
When racism was more common in the United States, there was blunt segregation happening before people’s eyes. White people lived in areas with more opportunities, and better living arrangements, whereas black people were forced to live in lesser more ghetto parts of town. Although, the color line is not as prominently visible, there are still insistences that have occurred to this today that proves the color line is not…
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