Racism And Racism

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Racism has long been a running issue within our world’s history. It goes back to the middle ages and has somehow continued its path of hatred and negativity into the 21st century (Fredrickson 100). Throughout history we see this common pattern of racism being carried out by Europeans and the West—along with Christianity—as a means of reflecting their negative feelings towards certain ethnic groups and people. We can see how prejudice and discrimination have affected people of all backgrounds and the negative effect it as on not only the people experiencing it but just how common it really is. It is often thought that racism is just a “white and black” confrontation one of the oldest and most misinformed situations of racism would have to be between Islam and the West. Through media power and propaganda, the West has created an image of Muslims and those of the Islamic faith as being nothing but radical terrorist. Even though those who are radical terrorist is only a small percentage of those believing in the Islamic faith. By doing this those practicing the faith have been marginalized within the US and have been used as a pawn to indict fear to the US population. Even our education system has been made so that students only learn about the accomplishments of the west without giving recognition to the Muslim scholars for which this information was obtained in the first place. During the 1990s many scholars and historians sought to it that our students learn history from

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