Racism And Racism

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When you turn on the TV to watch the news, walk down the street, or travel further South in the United States, however subtle or blatant, you can detect racism. Many people chalk it up to shallow racism and ignore it, but the issues are more deeply embedded than they appear. The issue with race in the media, South, or people, in general, is that it's one of the foundations of the United States. Racism is intertwined all throughout U.S. History being passed down from generation to generation, to the point where it's practically in their DNA. This all began when Columbus arrived in the Caribbean and enslaved the indigenous people, bringing them back to England as the queen's slaves. As a result, of Columbus' actions, slavery began to spread throughout England. Europeans paid Africans with guns and other weapons to enslave rival tribe members. Eventually when Europeans migrated to America, slavery in England had begun to die down, however, it was just beginning in America. The European-Americans used the African slaves to build America, then to tend to their crops and fields. This continued for several years until the Civil War began, slaves saw an opportunity for freedom, but then realized that they would never truly be free until they had the same rights as an American citizen. So, when the Civil War ended, the Reconstruction was born. However, from here, it would continue to be a battle for people of color. Some say that though the Reconstruction amendments helped Africans

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