Racism: Did It All Begin Or Will This Discrimination Ever End

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Racism. How did it all begin? Will this discrimination ever end? No. Racism is an inequity that may never end. It is just like asking for a world of peace and we know it will never happen. In the United State, "race" has a long history that was created and invented by the society. The fight against racism is still ongoing and there seems to be no stop to it. Racism may never end because the segregation of the past has affected many lives today, issues in the society are still proceeding, and many are still judging of what they see. Many peoples this day has been affected by the past of what happened decades ago. Back in the 1500s, when the European colonists first arrived in North America, the land was already populated with Native Americans (Spilsbury). When the first colonist discovered a land that was different from the one they had left behind, they were eager to start cropping because 9 out 10 colonists were farmers( Spilsbury). The settlor created a huge farm that became …show more content…

It has always been a problem to those who are "color" people, for example, Hispanic and African. Roughly, Hispanic and African have experienced discrimination throughout their life because they are seen as rapes, criminal and drug dealer. Yes, some may be criminals and drug dealer but not every Hispanic and African is the antagonist. In the Chicago Tribune article, it mentions how a workplace Tyson Food have been shut down in Texas because Sara Lee discriminated against black employees where she assigned them to work in a hazardous area( Casino). Many of the black employees died of cancer or had diseases due to exposed to asbestos and toxic chemical in work area. Some jobs give some people more privileges than others. It is most common on Hispanic and African who are being mistreated unfairly. Due to this, it is hard for those who are seen as worthless because some hispanic and african american do not get the same opportunity as other

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