Racism Essay

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Racism is a harsh word that includes both attitudes and actions. Racism is unequally treating others because they belong to a certain racial or ethnic group and thinking they are inferior to your ethnic group. Sociologists have defined racism as the perception and treatment of a racial or ethnic group, or member of that group, as intellectually, socially, and culturally inferior to one’s own group. It is more than an attitude; it is institutionalized in society. Racism is a silent disease that is spreading worldwide and negatively impacting people’s lives and different areas of society and organizations. It is uncertain when racism started, but it became common during the slavery era in the seventeenth century, when Europeans and …show more content…

Racism can negatively affect individuals, communities, organizations, and sometimes an entire nation. When it comes to individuals, their safety, educational ambitions, accessibility to housing, economic options and mental well-being can be impacted. Racism can make people feel unsafe, low self-esteem, harassed, and they are not welcomed in a certain society. Racism is a serious public health problem. Researchers have found that people who face racial discrimination are more likely to develop stress-related health issues that could put them at risk for chronic diseases later in life and they were more likely to have higher levels of blood pressure, a higher body mass index, and higher levels of stress related hormones. Just being afraid of racial discrimination can trigger stress-related responses, which means that many people of color who live in a racist society are constantly under increased stress. Racism prevent people from engaging with others from different races and deprives the community of the opportunity to learn about cultural diversity which is an asset to our society. Nowadays, it is obvious that people of racial and ethnic groups continue to fight for equal access and opportunity. Often, the impacted race has a tougher time finding a decent job or finding a house. Racism is still rampant in many areas of employment. People of color are lastly hired and any

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