Racism Essay On Racism

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The 1964 Freedom Summer Civil Rights movement has reflections on today’s black rights movements as well. Generally it is known, though some do not want to admit this, that there is racism in the world today. Equality was a struggle for African American’s in the 1900s and continues to be today. It is overtly present in the way people are paid, in their peer groups, and even stigmas that societies places on them. However not all racism is overt. Much of the racism that can be noticed today is not intentional, rendering it covert. Covert racism is, in some ways, more difficult to change as most people are racist, but unaware of it. If confronted with possibility, people tend to come back with a response of a way that they have not acted racist in the past. The Implicit Association Test is one way to reveal to someone of these biases. Racism as well as the actions taken by the white Mississippians to end the movements tended to be more overtly racist, with brutal violence being the main force.
Three days later a fisherman saw two feet poking out of the water and reeled in a bloated, distended body… the story is a depressingly familiar tale from the Deep South. The abduction and murder of a young African-American man was not an uncommon occurrence, and from time to time the bodies of unknown African Americans bobbled up from the South's swamps and rivers.
While racism today is still quite prevalent, it is much less overt. Yes, there are some terrible instances of

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