Racism In America

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Kathy Szelag
CAS 320
Racism in America

Racism is an uncomfortable topic to address and talk to others about because of its history in our country. And there have been historical events in America regarding racism that go hundreds of years back. However, racism is still evident within our society because of contemporary structural factors that continue on with these historical injustices. Currently, our country is being divided because of racism, President Trump and his administration have made so many racial comments over the years. I don’t want to go into detail about President Trump and how much of a racist and fascist he is, but we all understand the idea. He wanted to make a travel ban and he has said many hurtful and discriminatory things to those of different genders and races on the media. I believe that systemic, institutionalized, and internalized racism are very much alive in this country and in other parts of the world. In my opinion, we are a very race-conscious society and not only that but we are class-conscious as well. In our society, we are set in class systems which basically is the amount of income a household makes. And we as a society are always looking at race, gender, ethnicity, and nationality as ways to divide ourselves.
We see how flawed our system is in putting racism to rest and how evident it is within our institutions. Institutions are forms of educational systems, work places, and government agencies. Systemic racism is all of inequality and

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