Racism In Native Son By Gains And Wright

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Rosa Parks once said, “Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they must meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome” ( There is a sense around the world today that racism is gone and that we are in a new era. However, this is not true; racism can be seen just as prevalent today as in the past. There are people being put on trial unfairly because of racist mindsets in the judicial system. In these situations, there are some people that are too quick to assume that it must be this one individual with the only backing for their opinion is that the color of their skin is different. The way a person is judged should not be based upon the color of his skin is but whether he did the crime. Gains and Wright portray to us in their novels how the American judicial system is unable to see through the mask of racism. They use the art of literature to give reasons for believing that the courts today cannot get over the mountainous racism issue.
Racist people in the court systems are what give people unfair trials. The judges, juries, attorneys, and public opinions are full of biased statements when they see that a person of the opposite race committed the crime. In Wright’s Native Son, we see an African American boy on trial for murder. This boy grew up extremely poor and is working for a rich white family. He is also in a gang and is looked down upon. He knows he needs to get his life together and provide for his family, but he

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