Racism In Racism

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In this paper, I wanted to achieve in informing the reader how with black representation the oppressions of whiteness can be fought up against. Before I even began to explain my goals, terms, and theories I decided to use. I went first to talk about how I had first seen the world and how I was in the between an area where finding things catered to black people was starting to really boom, but still hard to find in many places like the town I lived in when I was young. Black representation is more renowned in both white and black media currently than ever before.
Using the argument with Living Single, and Friends to hook, line and sinker my audience on the struggles that black people must go through in the name of Blackness fighting the oppressions of Whiteness that for so long have tried to cage black people and their ambitions. The goals of the paper were to not leave anyone ignorant of the key terms that I used throughout the paper. Ignorance is a dangerous thing to leave on its own and I wanted my readers to be prepared for everything that I planned to lay out in the paper.
Starting off with race, Fluehr-Lobban’s book Race and Racism: An Introduction and Thompson in his article The Problem Of “Race as A Social Construct” helped with defining race as a social construct that is socialized into American’s when identifying someone (1 Fluehr-Lobban) and just how damaging it can be to underestimate race just because it is a social construct (1 Thompson). That’s how Racism

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