Racism and Stereotypes in the Movie Crash

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Crash is a movie about race and stereotypes and its effects on the various people living in the Los Angeles area. The movie boost racial awareness and it requires close observation from the viewer. We see a variety of races including African American men and women, several Hispanics, a Middle Eastern family, and a few Asians. We see the ups and downs of each character and it helps us see where they are coming from, and potentially why they are racist against different people. It seems that we almost begin to feel sorry for the different characters regardless of what they are doing or how they are acting because of each of their circumstances.
This film follows many criticisms based on the representation of race, culture, and demographics. Crash deals mainly with the topic of racism that can be said to be part of our concern and wonder if it can ever be erased. This movie is trying to show what goes on in the world today with regards to racism and stereotypes. It is an influence of a film because of the general ideas it portrays that are somewhat positive but mostly negative.
We see so much racism throughout the movie and some of it is justified. At the beginning of the movie we see a well to do white women clench the arm of her well to do white husband when she sees two black men, but then those same black men go on to steal their car at gun point. Is her concern justified or did would these men had left them alone if she would not have shown racism to them.
The racism

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