Racist Stereotypes And Slavery In Africa

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INTRO Throughout much of the 19th century, European powers used their financial wealth and technological advancements to colonize much of Asia and almost the entire continent of Africa, desire for more wealth and ambition after the Industrial Revolution led many European countries to look elsewhere for new markets, new natural resources, and new methods of production, Many nations looked to Africa as a source of raw materials and as a market for industrial products, this means that they are all looking for an uncivilized country which was “Africa”. As the slave idea developed, Europeans created a racist ideology which could be used to justify the way they feel about Africa, and how they think Africans were subhuman, uncivilised, and inferior to Europeans in every way, And as they are not classified as whites they think that they just are bought and sold and used for slavery, and the idea of slavery could not have continued without this ideology to justify slavery back in colonial times.The English had equated blackness of African with death and evil before they met any black people. Their first reaction to people with black skin was to assume that they were some form of devil or monster because of their skin color. From this, and from travellers’ tales, arose the stereotype of the African, as barbarous, prone to excessive sexual desire, lazy, untrustworthy and even cannibalistic, and this can be assimilated with the novel written by an African American novelist Mildred D.

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