Radiant Energy Colors Will Absorb

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Introduction The methodology for this experiment required a lot of careful measurement and calculations. The procedure consisted of many detailed steps to ensure accuracy when recording measurements. This experiment was carried out in an enclosed, darkened room because the the nature of the experiment requires a controlled temperature. Carrying out eight trials for each color of construction paper was a more accurate way of collecting a large quantity of data. In this experiment there were five groups of material (color) and eight experimental units in each group. There was a total of forty sheets of construction paper used; eight sheets of each of the five colors. The reason for testing five different colors was to determine a trend across the color spectrum in regards to the amount of radiant energy each color is able to absorb.

Instrumentation and Variables
The materials used in this experiment are as follows:
Sun lamp
200 Watt incandescent light bulb
8 pieces of white construction paper
8 pieces of black construction paper
8 pieces of blue construction paper
8 pieces of red construction paper
8 pieces of yellow construction paper
Infrared thermometer
White table
Graphing calculator (TI-83)
Bike stand
Camera tripod
The study site in which this experiment will be conducted is a dark, windowless, enclosed room in the basement of my home. The temperature of the room will be kept at a constant, controlled level in order to eliminate any outside effects on the
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