Radiation Therapy : A Type Of Treatment Modality

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Radiation therapy is a type of treatment modality that administers radiation to patients with cancer. This form of treatment has many components that contribute toward ensuring the malignant tissue within the body is being adequately treated. One of the major components in radiation therapy is the use of bolus. Bolus is a material placed on the skin to help bring the radiation dose higher to the skin surface within the patient (Khan 2012). Since there are no research studies in the radiation oncology field which compare alternative bolus materials in providing maximum dose build-up, the purpose of this study is to close this informational gap by comparing the following types of bolus: Superflab, neon-green Play-Doh, orange Play-Doh, and uncooked rice. In radiation therapy, d-max is a very important factor when a patient’s treatment is being planned. According to Washington and Leaver (2010), the d-max is defined as the depth at which the radiation beam is at its maximum dose. Different energies produce a different d-max, and to properly treat the tumor, dosimetrists and radiation oncologists must be aware of each depth of maximum dose. When a doctor’s radiation therapy prescription calls for more superficial treatments, it can be hard to find an appropriate energy due to the fact that the energy can max out too deep within the patient. The use of bolus will raise the d-max, or bring the d-max closer to the surface. Bolus will attenuate some of the radiation and in turn

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