Radio Static and the Angels

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The angel sitting in the back seat of the Impala was bored. There was no other word for it. Sofiel was flat out bored, and the Winchesters hadn't even walked away yet. They were still standing outside of her rolled down window, giving her a quick idea of what was going on. "Sof," Dean said. "Stay in the car until we get back. Don't touch anything. Just stay there." Sam gave a roll of his eyes as his older brother walked away. Dean cared for that car as if it were his ow child. "We'll be right back," he added. With that, he turned around and jogged a bit to catch up. Sofiel heaved out a sigh. Just because her vessel was a fifteen year old girl didn't mean that she was. She was far older than either of them. She didn't need to be protected. That was the idea she tried to give, anyways. She closed her eyes in an attempt to just simply relax. The world had fallen into mayhem around her. Heaven had been emptied, all of the angels thrown out to Earth like it was some sort of trash heap. They were furious, and they blamed her friend. Castiel was on the run, and it was clear that every angel on Earth was searching for him. They all believed that it was his fault they had fallen. But Sofiel found herself in a strange situation. The other angels knew she was affiliated with Castiel and the Winchesters, and that meant she could have information. She didn't know a thing about where Cas was or what he was doing, but not many knew that. The Winchesters had decided that she would be better
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