Raging Bull Film Analysis

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Martin Scorsese uses different marketing techniques to target the popular things in pop culture during that time period to make his films. He does this by using the popularity of boxing to make Raging Bull, the crime and life of a mobster in Goodfellas and the strive to have the American Dream in The Wolf of Wall Street. He has been doing this since 1959 and ever since then he has been one of the most successful to ever work behind a camera.

Some of the techniques he uses are found in three different films from three decades. They show the ways he makes and produces his movies. The first movie we are going to talk about is “Raging Bull” this movie that stars a young Robert De Niro a movie about a self-destructive boxer who uses his …show more content…

Now we will transition into a movie that is considered to be the best of its genre “Goodfellas” made in 1990 centered around the rise and fall of Henry Hill’s life portrayed by Ray Liotta in the mob based on a true story it is considered to be one of the best gangster films to ever be made in cinema. There had been many movies before the release of Goodfellas however what Martin Scorsese had chosen to do was take a different approach to the gangster movies by making it through the point of view of a real life person that had gone through the mob life and it allowed people to connect to the movie more. We have seen many great mob movies before such as “The Godfather” trilogy and others along that lone however we did not get to see the movie through the point of view of someone who is a real life person instead we saw it through the eyes of a made up protagonist. In an interview Scorsese stated that he wanted to capture the life of that period of time it was based upon, “When I talk about recreating the spirit of that world, the music is as important as the dialogue and the behavior. From 1947 on, music scored what was happening in the streets, the back rooms. And it affected, sometimes, the behavior of the people, because this music was playing in the streets. Jukebox were brought out during the summer. Windows were open, and you could hear what everybody else was listening to. It expresses the excitement of the time.

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