Warrior Movie Analysis

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Family over Everything The film Warrior was released September 9, 2011 by director, writer and producer Gavin O’Connor. O’Connor takes us through a story of two former MMA fighting brothers dealing with a harsh family past (“Warrior”). Gavin has also directed the 2000 film, Tumbleweeds, and the winner of the Best Sports Movie Award in 2004, Miracle (“Gavin O’Connor”). Tom Hardy (Tommy Conlon) was also featured in a major 2010 film, Inception, and This Means War in 2012. He also played one of the main roles in The Dark Knight Rises as villain Bane (“Tom Hardy”). Joel Edgerton is most recognized for his role as a main character in an Australian Television show, The Secret Life of Us, but is also famous for his role as Uncle Owen in Star …show more content…

As they start to catch up on lost time, Tommy begins bringing up the past to his father about how he was a drunk and forgot all about him and his mother. He does everything in his power to make his father feel guilty. Tommy notices the picture of Brendan and his family on a dresser and Paddy begins to tell him about his life.. Tommy remains silent revealing that he’s not interested in anything having to do with Brendan. It soon becomes obvious that Tommy didn’t return home to make peace with his former alcoholic dad. Paddy tries apologizing, “I’m sorry, Tommy.” But Tommy’s reply is nothing but sarcasm. “Well…It’s good to know that you’re sorry, Pop. Goes a long way. I think I liked you better when you were a drunk (Warrior).” Tommy’s first confrontation with his father after years is just reassurance that there are still extremely harsh feelings towards his father, Brendan and their family past. Paddy only wants who’s left to come together as a family finally and leave the past behind. Brendan holds a different grudge on dad and brother, Tommy. Besides being angered by the fact that his father was a heavy alcoholic, he admits of his jealously towards Tommy and his father’s relationship when his dad shows up randomly one night at his house to tell him Tommy’s back in town. The information of their dad training Tommy makes the feelings even more hostile. Brendan remarks, “Now I know what you’re really doing here. You came to gloat.” Triggering his father’s response

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