Rain : A Short Story

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It was a rainy day in the early 2000s. A man sat in a building with his little students observing them as they did their activities they were told to do. The man looked out at the rain and then back to the children, an idea popped in his head. He called the children over to tell them a story. They children gathered around on the floor to listen to the story, the man spoke. “Do you kids want to hear how the story of how rain was created?” The kids looked at him in curiosity to see how rain was created. Whispers started circling around the circle. “Hush now children” the man said and the children hushed up while staring at the man. “It all started long ago, when the people from Earth begged for water and the gods has responded” “Joseph!” said the angel “Your meeting with the other gods is in a bit”.
“Thank you angel, I know” Joseph spoke as he finished tending to his plants. Joseph kissed his wife goodbye and said goodbye to his children happily. Joseph turned from his house and walked toward the heavens den. He pushed open the door to the place and continued to his assigned seat. The other God and goddesses staring at him.
“Always late Joseph” spoke Riley
“Oh shut it, I was exactly on time” Joseph said. Now that Joseph was sitting the meeting was ready to begin.
“What are the daily crises today” Joseph asked while he leaned back in his chair. One of the goddess spoke.
“Jared and Julie has recently got into a fight”
“Separate them, they should know better than to

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