Rain Descriptive Writing

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In The Rain I sat on the leather seats of the surely expensive SUV that pulled up infront of the hotel doors for me and whoever else was headed to the same dreadful place as I was. The older man had closed the door of course being cautious to not close it on the overly priced red satin dress thats fabric clinged to me like a second skin. In my head I am already rehearsing my most polite conversation dialog, not that I needed to though, because after so many events like these I could practically do it in my sleep. Each and every conversation as such events are the same. Place on your biggest most inviting smile to match your flashy clothes that are only worn to prove your wealth, and of course not asking anything personal or dare I say anything controversial whatsoever. My thoughts were put to a halt as the door on the other side opened surprising me, partially because I wasn’t expecting anybody else to join for I was already a little late to the event and most probably, already being frowned on before I even arrive. I shoot him my practiced welcoming smile as the gentlemen took my much smaller hand in his larger rough and calloused hand politely telling me a short hello asking about my evening so far. I replied my usual answer before I went back into my position of looking out the much too tinted window watching the street lights pass the hotel now in the distance. I could feel his gaze pierce into the side of my face but I just didn’t have the energy to start up my

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