Rainbow Quotes In Hamlet

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1- "The truth will penetrate through the crack of you pain You can only see the rainbow after the poundings of the rain" This quote I chose from by Dana Pines letter, 11 June 2017. I found this quote meaningful to me because it fits beautifully to the events of Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Hamlet suffered a lot on his way to discover his father's death; he endured his mother disregard of her husband sudden death and marrying the murderer Claudius, and losing her at the end. Also losing his beloved Ophelia who committed suicide after her father's death. At the end, Hamlet was wounded by a poisoned sword and dies. So As Dana mentioned the truth will hurt you as hamlet was hurt by his uncle and people around him, and it takes your own life and the life of a long list of people (poundings of the rain)to discover the truth (the rainbow), which finally appears after a hurting suffer. I also find the quote important because it fits in everyone's life, we all fight for something and struggle to achieve it, everyone has a goal in their life that seems like a rainbow, and we must walk through …show more content…

And when we in turn have vanished, they will continue to exist, tinged perhaps in small ways by our own lives and fates, and will become part of others whom he could not have foreseen and whom we can barely imagine." I think this quote is important because it describes the power of Shakespeare' works, and how they transfer from generation to another with keeping their importance and value. His works are similar to a "genetic feature" that sticks in every human. Today after four and one-half centuries of his death, we still read and discuss his works, analyze them, criticize them, and direct movies based on them, what could stop us tomorrow and after centuries? Therefore, Shakespeare is a part of us and will always be as Greenblatt

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