Raising A Child Should Be A Parent 's Number One Concern Essay

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Raising a child should be a parent’s number one concern, everything else comes after. The innocent life that is brought into this world should not have to go through emotional despair or physical hardships at any a young age. Not so long ago it was common place to put children through hard practices without giving regard to their well-being. This kind of child abuse goes as far back as a millenia, and only recently has it gotten the legal attention it deserves. Child labor is the most apparent form of child abuse and has always been a part of the United States. The dawn of Protective laws for children started with the end of child labor. We must continue to engineer these laws to counteract child abuse. Let us legislate laws and create awareness to make a country where children won’t have to recover from their childhood.
My eyes were opened to what child abuse was like at a young age. Back in elementary school I had a friend named Keyon who’s only meal was the one at school lunch. I found this out because at the time we were in third grade we’d go to lunch in a line and he would always ask different kids to let him cut in line. One day when he asked if he could cut me in line I was fine with it and allowed it but was curious to why he wanted his food so early everyday so I asked, “Hey Keyon why you always wanna be first in line? The food kinda sucks.”
He turned around and said, “If I don’t eat now I won’t eat, this is the only meal we have for the whole day.” I was confused,

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