Raising Children: Article Analysis

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The article (“Raising Children: A Character-based Approach To Residential Child Care",2014) disguises how the understanding of ethical behaviour is difficult to teach to a young child. We don't have the same perspective on life as the child and we don’t know what they go through in their everyday lives, so it's difficult to show them the importance of ethical behaviour. In order to grow well we must develop some of the following virtues wisdom,justice,courage, temperance (Barnes and Thomson,2002). He broke down virtues into two parts, virtues intellectual and virtues morals. Intellectual which can learnt by an educational background and morals which is learnt by some sort of experience, such as by a role model. Right reasoning, emotion,…show more content…
Modesty creates carefulness and hesitancy about moral deliberation.The shame would make them second guess every decision that they might regret in the future. Another big aspect in developing a child’s morals is residential care, A child needs to be around a good adult and a good home environment where they feel safe and where real responsibility and consequences exist. A place where they can have the opportunity to do the right or wrong thing. There are many challenges in these concepts, character development rely on a good adult figure and their difficult to come by, how would you decide whether an adult is good or have the right characteristic to be an appropriate role model. In conclusion this article basically breaks down some of the important aspect in moral development for child or adolescents. Such as the role models we have in our lives,moral virtues, sense of shame and residential care. All these play an important role in how to develop one's ethical behaviour. It also discusses the challenges that come with developing a child or adolescent morals, how it can be a turning point, where they can develop their mind and
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