Raising Minimum Wage

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Every state has its own minimum wage. The minimum wage is the lowest amount of money a job can pay you. In my state, which is Florida, the minimum wage is $8.10 an hour, meaning that when I am employed in Florida they have to at least pay $8.10 an hour depending on the job. The minimum wage should not be raised higher than what it is now because raising the minimum wage could hurt the most vulnerable people. I believe that it should not be raised because it can hurt the most vulnerable of people, unemployment rates would go up higher than what it is now, and people not being able to afford housing and everyday essentials. Increasing minimum wage would not be good for the most vulnerable people. This includes teenagers, low-income families, and families that have more than 3 people in the household. The people that would get hurt the most by increasing the minimum wage would be those people who are supposed to be the beneficiaries. Shrek once said, “Even left-leaning European governments that embrace activist government, labor market regulation understands raising the minimum wage that high would hurt the most vulnerable workers” (The New American). A higher minimum wage could result in a significant increase in high school dropouts. People who want to increase minimum wage would say the exact opposite. They would say that increasing the minimum wage would be good and that it would help families out but that is not the case. Increasing the minimum wage would help reduce

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