Raising Up The Good Work

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Sarah – You did a good job on Wednesday leading the first session in the newly formed group. It is always a little more difficult at the beginning when the group dynamics is still unknown. Besides this fact all material was impressively covered due to the good collaboration of the entire group. I liked that you as a leader came earlier and provided a schedule on the board for everybody to look at, although in the future, I think this is a good idea to send a schedule a night before IQ to help the group members to organize their notes better. From my perspective, you were well prepared and often contributed to the discussion. But one thing you could improve as a leader would be trying to engage more those quieter people. On Friday you shared your knowledge frequently, but you also gave a little more room for other individuals to talk. You also asked clarifying questions, which is a great approach and it helps not only you but also other members of the group in understanding of specific topic. Keep up the good work. Your reflection essay is very thoughtful. I do agree it might be a challenge to adjust to the new group dynamics at the beginning. However, I think our group has quite good fit and people work together quite well. Although participation in the group discussion is still a little unbalanced, so I appreciate your plan to try engaging more those quitter individuals. Your leadership on Wednesday was good, there was no awkward silence, and discussion flowed quite well.
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