Ramsey County Case Study

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Welfare in Ramsey County, Minnesota Ramsey County, Minnesota has reformed the welfare to work process, because they saw a need to be more focused on the needs of the clients. They realized that the barriers welfare recipients faced were more complex than the current system could measurably handle. In the past, the counselor would only validate if the client had spent sufficient time looking for work. If the client did not meet the requirement, they would be fined. In many cases, up to 30 percent of their benefits. The 1996 welfare reform, emphasized work as a measurable way to escape poverty. If a client acquired employment, the program was considered successful. The plan in Ramsey County, is not to push finding a job quickly, but to draft long-term plans. The counselors now ask the client questions so the client can control their career path. There is a national “grassroots” effort to change the definition of success in regards to …show more content…

“In Ramsey County, job assistance “isn’t just about showing up, it’s about movement.” says Michelle Derr- researcher at Mathematica Policy Research. Upward mobility is the focus. Is the client making progress toward their planned goals? The idea is that the clients not only finding and keep a job, but earning increases and promotions. The state is not held accountable for the inevitable return to welfare by 26 percent of the people who were off welfare for 12 months. State lawmakers, realizing that the federal target rate is not measuring financial independence, have implemented the self-support index. The self-support index focuses on how people are progressing after three years. Measurement of four areas, employment, retention, education, and engagement are the most important criteria measured by the self-support index. These four categories are used to encourage improved services and

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