Rancor Monologue

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@protagoras, (it) You say you are devastated. I agree. You have added nothing to the conversation to enrich it. Most, if not all of your comments, are full of, {what should we say? Rancor.} I was going to use the word 'hate,' but, that is a word that a hateful person would use. As I'm nothing like you, I will use rancor. Before, we continue on about how devastated you are. Let me ask you, how did I blustered {nudephoto}. How did I talk in a loud, indignant way. I think the word you searching for is disgusted. It is my understanding to talk loud or shout on the net. You use caps. I have informed {nudephoto} many times. I can't recall how many times, I've told him that his humdrum ha, ha, in caps, shows his lack of civility. Civility is a good

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