Essay on Random Drug Testing is a Waste of Time

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Her grades fell. She was always tired. She never seemed to be able to focus at school. Classes she used to be interested in became utterly mundane. Friends she used to care about became replaceable. She stopped spending time with her family. She sat on the bench at every soccer game instead of becoming the star player her coaches thought she could. This is what addiction to drugs can do to a young person’s life. Addiction can take away everything that once made that young person happy. The only thing that matters anymore is the drug, getting high, and getting higher. It is a horrible and tragic thing that destroys so many young lives. Some people think that in order to prevent these situations, the best solution is random drug testing.…show more content…
These kids need to hear firsthand, from recovering addicts, the details of their struggles. They need to hear what it is like to be on the very brink of death, and how it feels to give up everything; house, car, family, and friends, just to get high. They need to hear what a lonely place it is to be an addict. They need to know about the risks of trying a drug, even once, and how addiction can come from the first injection of heroin, a coma can be induced from the first dose of Ecstasy (Urban75 Drug Info). This is a much more powerful tool than making a half-hearted attempt at saving those who have already succumb to the pressures of adolescence, those already addicted, those who could have been saved years before if they had only received a good education on the matter.
People who are pro urinalysis also believe that with the threat of random drug testing, the population of students who decide to use drugs will be much smaller, because they
Dwiggins 3 fear the consequences (Drug Testing in School Activities 2). The risk of being discovered might be enough to deter some young people from experimenting with drugs, but this small danger will not be enough to scare off a true addict. Those who are truly addicted are supposed to be the target for the most serious help.

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