Rap Music And Hip Hop Culture

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Rap music has been around for many decades. Rap/hip hop is a music genre that consists of a stylized rhythmic music that usually accompanies rapping. Since rap music’s explosion, it took the industry and became the important part of hip hop culture. It has advanced over time as a part of hip hop culture, which originated from urban youth in New York as a cultural movement. Its original listeners were primarily African America and it has spread around the world and hip hop has come to be a part for rap music to audiences. This music genre has risen over the years and has become a popular. “It continues to be one of the most popular genres of music, crossing over to different cultures and influencing different generations through its lyrical content and beats”(Weebly). Although many people disagree that rap music can actually have positive influences, all seem to defiantly agree that it can have negative influences. Many people agree that rap music has many negative influences: glorifying violence, sexualization, drug use, and egotistical. Rap can also have positive influences including unification and education, provide support, entertainment, and hope.
Gansta rap is a hip hop sub-genre that focuses primarily on the negative aspects of inner city life. The lyrics often glorify criminal activity and degrade women. Teens have been solving their problems through violence because that seems like the easiest way. Also, gangsta rap makes it seem like violence is the only way that

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