Essay about Rap. Simply Music, or Something More?

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Every major societal change in history has been met with resistance of some kind, and the adoption of rap music into the entertainment industry is no different. There are an innumerable amount of viewpoints on whether rap music is to be admonished for the objectification of and disrespect towards women or simply accepted as another expression of modern society. Even those these two opposing viewpoints are vastly different, there are opportunities for those who listen to this type of music to develop their intelligence on the various topics discussed in modern rap. There are many people who criticize rap music for its intolerance towards women and its effect on the youth of today, and those criticisms are warranted. Rap music has long had …show more content…

Rap music has many condemning qualities, but it also has some redeeming qualities. There are musicians in the hip-hop/rap genre moving away from violent, hyper-sexualized lyrics and trying their hands at more empowering, and uplifting lyrics. Even giving a nod to the women in their lives that they love and respect. “In Drake’s best-selling album, ‘Thank Me Later’, he commends the independent woman, who exudes class, intelligence and refinement” (Farooq 2). Even women hip-hop artists, it seems, are using the popularity of hip-hop music to advance their own feminist ideas. In Rhianna’s song, A Girl Like Me, “a girl like me is just a little different from all the rest, a girl like me never gonna settle for second best” (Rhianna 1) in these lyrics she is telling girls that it is okay to be a little different, that being different is a good thing. Rap artists are slowly becoming aware of the stigma of rap music and realizing that they need to make a change if they want to continue to profit from their music. The questionable lyrics in most rap music present a teaching moment for the guardians of adolescents.. The care-givers of the future generations have the chance to depict the rap music as simply a form of entertainment and not a set of values to adopt. This music gives parents a chance to illustrate what kind of world we currently reside in, and gives the parents a chance to arm their children with the morals they will need to thrive

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