Rap Vs Rap Genre

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Although millions of people listen to music everyday, many people never take notice of how many genres exist throughout the world. Two genres that take popular notice in the music industry, that may be considered as “opposite sides of the coin”, the genres can easily be compared and contrasted, no matter which compare or contrast side is favored. The Broadway genre, which is notably alongside musical theatrics, or simply theatrics in general, is not only for the sophisticated population in it’s essence, but is even favored by adolescents of all ages. Due to the variety of musicals that have been created throughout the past one hundred years, there is a musical for any type of person, no matter how much or how little they favor the Broadway genre. The rap genre, however, can seem extremely different from most genres of music. Nevertheless, if a person finds an area of the rap genre that comes to their own liking, they may come to the realization that not all of it is the same, which can be true. Typically, rap, which stands for “rhythm and poetry”, has a fast paced, recurring beat, with a vocalist rhythmically speaking patterned lyrics throughout a song. In many popular songs today, rap can take up an entire song, or simply be put in a single verse in another vocalist’s performance. Although the rap genre and Broadway genre are slightly similar in terms of the music production, they are, however, significantly different in the way that they are performed, and the reasons why

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