Rape-Accepting Attitudes of University Undergraduate Students: Article Analysis

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Research Focus Rape Accepting Attitudes of University Undergraduate Sudents" Kimberly K. Talbot, Karen S. Neill, PhD, RN, SANE, and Linda L. Rankin, PhD The focus of this article was a study of over 1600 college students that participated in an online survey to gain an understanding of attitudes concerning rape. The hypothesis uncovered maintained that some, particularly men that have a conventional view of rape and appeared more accepting of rape crimes. While those, both male and female who have a more post modern view of gender roles, tend to be less tolerant of rape. Recognition of the role of a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) as a much needed resource to educate the college community is introduced. Their job is to inform students of the problems with rape myths and to direct those populations at risk to learn more about how to protect themselves. The efforts of SANE is also to inform as many as possible of the dangers of rape to the health of the community. In addition SANE will be able to form relationships with crime prevention, law enforcement, and intervention related services. SANE is involved in supporting those sexual victimized and providing connections with healthcare organizations and college campuses (. Research was focused on understanding the views of students toward what is termed the rape myth meaning a female assaulted by a male stranger with a weapon while traveling alone. The main questions surrounding the rape myth were are men more

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