Rape And Rape Essay

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Leslee Udwin’s documentary film attempts to tell the story of the brutal rape and murder in 2012 of a twenty-three-year-old female medical student in Delhi. The young woman, named Jyothi Singh and her male friend were on their way home from the movies when a private bus stopped and offered them a ride home. There were six men on the bus, friends and cohorts of the bus driver, and no other passengers. The men, one of whom was a seventeen-year-old boy, taunted the couple for their supposedly immoral act of roaming the streets at night while unmarried. The couple apparently protested against them for such moral policing. The men then proceeded to gang rape and brutalize the young woman, beat her male friend, and discard their bodies by the side of the road, where they were later found, both alive, by a passerby. The woman was missing several vital organs. She later died of her injuries.
The rape and murder sparked an unprecedented scale of protests against gender violence across India. The frustration just boiled over. People,especially the youth, came out on to the streets to start expressing their anger,demanding for justice. And it built momentum and went on for over a month. It’s a real reflection of what society thinks. And, you know, in a sense, there’s nothing surprising about those comments. This is a society that treats girls as unequal from the day they are born. It treats them as unwelcome when they are born,” Udwin said in an interview to the PBS news channel

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