Raskolnikov Suffering

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One theme of Christianity is that redemption is achieved through suffering. Jesus himself believed in the method and even told Saint Faustina that she could “save more souls through prayer and suffering than will a missionary through his teachings and sermons alone" (Diary 1767). Evidently, the idea of redemptive suffering worked its way strongly into his novel Crime and Punishment. The protagonist, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, was an impoverished former student who lived in St. Petersburg. Raskolnikov believed that he could make the world a better place by murdering a crooked pawnbroker and taking her money to help the needy; Raskolnikov ends up murdering the pawnbroker as well as her innocent sister. Through Raskolnikov and Katerina’s journey to redemption Dostoevsky is able to convey that redemption is possible but only through a great amount of suffering. Directly after committing the murder, Raskolnikov …show more content…

Katerina, a woman who ends up enduring extreme amounts of suffering, had originally come from and grew up in a high-class family “falls from grace” due to her husband, who ends up dying, an alcoholic, spending all the money the family had on his addiction. This left Katerina and her family in a situation of extreme poverty and caused her to live a life of beggary. The poverty was so great that her daughter becomes a prostitute to provide income for the family- a mother’s worst nightmare. On top of that, Katerina suffered from a horrible case of Tuberculosis. When Katerina finally reaches the point of her death, she refuses any help from doctors or priests. The reason Katerina refuses help is because she knows that it is time for her redemption and that death is the only way she will achieve it. By doing this, Katerina becomes a foil for Raskolnikov. She shows him that God will accept her the way she is and shows that redemption is possible, even for

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