How Does Raskolnikov Change Throughout The Play

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At the end of the first chapter, Raskolnikov goes to a tavern to get a drink after having deep thoughts about possible murder. Then, Marmeladov later comes into the tavern and talks to Raskolnikov about the struggles in his life. Marmeladov's family is very poor, "abusive" wife, and his daughter has a yellow ticket from being a prostitute. Raskolnikov responds to Marmeladov with sympathy and compassion. Marmeladov asks Raskolnikov if he knew what it is like to have no place to go. Marmeladov pays for his drink with the last of the money that he had from Sonia and then heads home, even though he is scared that Katerina (his wife) will beat him. We also find out that remorse, guilt, and pity motivate Marmeladov's actions. Because he feels

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