Rationale Of Madison Community Unit School Essay

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Rationale Madison Community Unit School District services students grades K-12 and they have a support center that houses these same grade levels for challenged children. Children who display violence, and who are overly aggressive with students and teachers, during the school year are also sent to the support center. Ultimately, this is done as a means of attempting to reshape behavior that could ultimately result in some students being expelled for the remainder of the school year, or being sent to an alternative school. The demographic makeup of the Junior and senior high school is a matriculation of 300 students, which consist of 92.2% black, 4.8% white, 1.2% Hispanic, and 1.8% of two or more races. This school provides service to a base of 99% low income student, 11% of these students have an IEP, and the total number of students followed by the counselor equates to 199 students amongst Jr high and high school. The graduation rate is 82% which is rather high, but the percentage that is college ready is 6% and that seems rather low to me. The Counseling techniques utilized by the counselor is 50% career development and 50% educational improvement. There is a high need for social emotional training as well as the entire school needs to be addressed about bullying. Its evidence of this behavior taking place with the females, and the school is curious if it is happening with the males too. I will be tasked in the upcoming future, with creating a group for

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