Rawl's Justice Is Fairness

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Phil.104 Word Count: Take Home Exam # 1: Essay-2 John Rawls never claimed to know the only way to start a society, but he did suggest a very sound and fair way to do so. He based his just scenario on two principles of justice. His first principle of justice was that everyone should have the same rights as others. His following policy decision was that in the event of any inequalities, they should be to the benefit to everybody, and available to all people in the society. This original Rawl's approach to justice has been highly revered by philosophers to this day. This is mostly because Rawl's has thought up one of the fairest Utopia since the days of Socrates. This is not an easy of a task as it sounds. Though when…show more content…
Such as a child is unlikely to kill his or her parents and a woman is unlikely to kill her spouse. It would not be legal but it would also be immoral for the individual so it is less likely and consequently enforced. If a law does not enforce itself by fear of punishment, then one might wonder why the law even exists. The law must exist to prevent others from breaking the rule, even if the moral of some individuals upholds the law. Rawl's second principle gives a reason for this, in that an inequality is permitted if the authorizing society will make this inequality available to everyone. Also the inequalities will be to the benefit of everyone in their social class. To dare this hypothesis Rawl's put reasonable people in the scenario he envisioned. When one does this and only after one does this will one truly understand how strong or weak their scenario actually is. A scenario is weakened with every event of a principle failing and strengthened with every event of a principle passing in a real society. Reasonable people determine procedures by the majority as to the definition of a "justified complaint" based on the passing parts of the principles. Also Rawl's "institutional structure" was designed to be changed in order to fix the failing parts of the two principles. This is the security of Rawl's design in which any problem might alike the "Gaia belief" fix itself. This is not an unreasonable
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