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I. Introduction
Puppetry is an arts genre in which the objects created are made in such ways to resemble the real life form and character of things. But what defines a puppet?
A puppet play can be as simple as a girl who picks up her favourite figurines and arranged them around her table pretending to have an afternoon tea party. Any inanimate object that is characterized and put in a scenario, could be categorized as a puppet.
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a puppet is “a doll that is moved by putting your hand inside it or by pulling strings or wires that are attached to it”. Based on this explanation, we can see that a puppet is different from other figurines because they are made for control and movement.
The amount of elaborate
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They developed an organizational support structure, and a degree program in puppetry is available to acquire. Puppetry evolved from being a traditional art form into something more modern, and is used in Broadway shows, festivals, and now is starred in television shows.
Some companies are well accomplished and are well known in public, such as the Avenue Q, and the Bread and Puppet show. Some of the others are performing traditionally and were subsidised by the government for they are labelled as a part of national heritage that attracts the foreign tourists’ attention, such is the Water Puppet Theatre Company in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Robin Ruizendaal (2009) stated that there is a steady decline in the interest of traditional puppetry since the arrival of home television. And a lot of puppet theatre companies disappeared as their opportunities decreased. As a result, some puppet companies tried to blend their traditional art with a touch of modernity in terms of music and lighting. However, Ruizendaal also stated that he expects more companies to disappear in the upcoming years, and the survivors being the well-known and subsidized companies, along with the countryside troupes who performed on a smaller scale for a

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