Reaction Paper On Bullying

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Bullying is a term for when one student tries to hurt or intimidate another and usually involves a power imbalance. Bullying not only has long lasting effects on self-esteem, with many victims self-esteem being severely damaged, but can also make life unbearable for the victims. There are many different types of bullying such as cyberbullying, which involves bullying through electronics such as cell phones. Other types of bullying include physical, verbal and social. Females and males are also likely to experience different types of bullying, with females predominantly being bullied on the internet or through words, while with males bullying is much more physical. Bullying is a very big problem in schools, as up to 22% of students say they experience some type of bullying. Although I believe that bullying should be handled on both fronts, it is important that bullying is addressed by schools. Schools with a zero tolerance policy with bullying would help to eliminate it, as they are able to put harsh punishments on aggressors that help to deter that type of behavior. As there are groups that are more at risk for being bullied schools should look to take actions which help eliminate any bullying that may occur. Groups such as lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders should be addressed by schools and given the proper attention they need to help to insure that they have a happy and safe life at school. Schools also need to break ideas that bullies have, such as wanting to

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