Reaction Paper On Nadi Astrology

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Nadi Astrology Among the various branches of Astrology, one shines as a potent, ancient, and immensely powerful way of obtaining solutions to everyday problems by reading the story of our lives as written down millions of years ago. When Divine Sages once walked the Earth, their immense devotion and wisdom showed them the way to determine the collective life patterns of humans and with divine intervention were able to write down and store this information in Nadi Leaves. The word ‘Nadi’, literally translating to ‘seeker’ refers to the one who seeks solutions to cumbersome life problems and finally sees a way out of the vicious cycle of Karma that we are all struggling in. So, if your search for an end to the endless tirade of problems in your …show more content…

The Deeksha Kandam advises regarding items to be kept and worshipped that will yield positive results. If you feel like you’re affected by black magic, you can avail this Kandam to identify from where the negative energy is culminating and how to block them for wreaking havoc in your life. Gnana Kandam: Every person has a desire to go beyond the physical plane of existence and understand divinity. The Gnana Kandam will help you tread on the path of spirituality by suggesting the methods and practises through which you may be able to break the bonds of existence in your present life and take bigger steps towards the liberation of your soul. Dishabukthi Kandam: If you feel like you suddenly transitioned from a relatively smooth period in your life to a downright miserable one, planetary influences may be playing their part in hindering your growth and progress. On availing the Dishabukthi Kandam, you will be enlightened about the type of Dasha you are currently undergoing in your life and will also be advised on how you can revert the negative effects of these Dashas into Positive

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